the season of skate is back!

With the weather warming after an unusually long and bitterly cold winter, I was eager to get out and find a dry spot to skate this past weekend. This loading dock was tucked away in a for-lease office building, which made it a perfect low-bust spot to work on some tricks that I eventually want to take down stairsets. This was also the first time skating a drop with these new Footprint skate insoles that are designed to absorb 90% of impact energy (you can drop a raw egg on one and it won’t crack), and I can definitely say that my feet are less sore and beat up with the new insoles.

Here’s a quick edit from the day. This is the biggest thing I’ve done a switch flip off of so far!


arlington skatepark

Woke up early this morning around 6:45am (not by choice, obviously) to help my dad with some errands, but when I tried going back to sleep around 7:30 I couldn’t relax enough to fall back asleep. Strange, because I usually never have a problem sleeping in, but recently I’ve been regularly waking up at 10 or 10:30am and, although I still wake up very groggy, I am motivated to fight through the initial sleepiness and start my day.

Today, I really wanted to go skate but wasn’t sure how well the weather was going to hold, so I headed out around 10:00am because it appeared the concrete was drying despite the sporadic drizzle. I checked out a new skatepark today in Arlington, VA off of Wilson Blvd. It’s located at a small park with not much else besides a soccer field, but the facility itself was very nice for a free open park. First the park is concrete, which is usually means buttery smooth cruising, and on the side of the park there is a nice pavilion with seats as well as a building with standard public restrooms. The park itself is nice and varied, and there’s a nice three-block in the center with ledges and drops. My favorite thing about this park was the super mellow hip in the corner with the pavilion; I’m pretty inexperienced at skating hips and finally had a spot to work up to some stuff.

Here’s some panoramas of the skatepark:

I was also very eager to try out the new GoPro camera that my girlfriend got me for graduation (she’s literally incredible) so I set it up on the mellow hip and started trying to get comfortable on it, having never really seshed hips before. By the end of the sesh I ended up learning (albeit small) nollie 360s and frontside flips on the hip! Check out the clip below:

That’s all for now, but gonna be getting on that film grind! So expect more footy, and hopefully better-shot, respectable tricks. One of the first things I’ll need is a bigger SD card since the 1gb one I have is only good for <9 min of filming :(.

Stay mellow everybody.

the pursuit…

Have a shit ton of work to get done before the end of this semester and my undergraduate career (finally!) but couldn’t resist the beautiful weather outside and had to go to the skatepark.

I felt pretty good onboard today and the kostons I’m now skating are nice and broken in :). Had high hopes of landing a couple tricks that I’ve been working on the past few sessions but haven’t been able to stomp, and unfortunately today was no different. I’ve been trying to land a BS crook FS shove out and have gotten excruciatingly close to rolling away (and even almost landed a varial heel out) but a lot of times the board flips halfway on the shove out or I’m thinking too much about the shove and not focusing enough locking in a smooth crook. That trick and a noseslide bigspin out on the little hubba have been eluding me, but I will get you next time you bastards.

For now, I gotta make school priority #1 and finish out strong. Hopefully I can find more time to skate during the week if the weather’s good, but it might be good for my studies if it rains for the foreseeable future.

you’re as old as how you feel.

Took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to the skatepark today, was feeling really good onboard and had one the best seshes in a long time. Switch fs bigspin over a hip, bs noseslide bigspin, landing some nollie bs flips were tricks I was definitely pumped to get.

Hopefully the weather will hold so I can get in some skate time during finals coming up.

Days like today remind me it’s never too late to learn new tricks or to feel young.