the season of skate is back!

With the weather warming after an unusually long and bitterly cold winter, I was eager to get out and find a dry spot to skate this past weekend. This loading dock was tucked away in a for-lease office building, which made it a perfect low-bust spot to work on some tricks that I eventually want to take down stairsets. This was also the first time skating a drop with these new Footprint skate insoles that are designed to absorb 90% of impact energy (you can drop a raw egg on one and it won’t crack), and I can definitely say that my feet are less sore and beat up with the new insoles.

Here’s a quick edit from the day. This is the biggest thing I’ve done a switch flip off of so far!


pre-work skate sesh

Given the spotty snows lately, I’ve had to take advantage of whatever dry times I can get and hit the skatepark so I don’t get all depressed and feeling cooped up from being inside. This morning, the temperature was in the twenties when I headed out to the park around 8:30, but that didn’t stop me from getting a small session in and I got to work on some grinds as well as practice carving the bowl. So glad I went out this morning, because as I’m writing this, it’s sleeting outside and more bad weather is expected over the next several days. Sometimes I hate living on the east coast.

Anyway, here’s some clips from today. Going to work on combining those last two tricks this year!

hip clips

Decided to post some clips of me skating the hip at North Laurel Skatepark, some from the past summer and some from the past week or so.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with skate-lingo, a “hip” is an obstacle where there are two inclined banks with the faces oriented β‰ˆ90 degrees apart and banks connected along the sides, and the idea is to transfer from one bank to the other. Just think of it like skating up one side of a pyramid then down one of the sides either to the left or right (but not over). If that doesn’t make sense, just watch the damn videos!

This first clip shows a little progression of how I work on simpler tricks then combine them into harder ones, which is pretty much the basis for all skateboarding beyond the fundamentals.

early bird

Woke up before 6 this morning to hit the Maloof skatepark in DC. The park was built for a skateboard competition called the Maloof Money Cup, and one of the cool things about this particular contest is that they build new parks and leave them for the city!

I haven’t had a good opportunity to skate the park, so when my good friend Kojo hit me up for a sunrise sesh (in the hopes it wouldn’t be crowded), I was definitely hyped to go, but not so sure I’d be able to wake up at 5:30am.

We made it out to the skatepark a little 7am…only to find that the fences surrounding the park, which are usually open, were closed and locked. WTF. We asked one of the (presumed) guards dressed in camo when the park would be opened, and he gave some gruff response that someone was coming to open the gates. However, after waiting across the street for a while, it seemed apparent that there wasn’t any intention of anyone opening the gates for us to skate, so we decided to hit up the Shaw skatepark while I still had time before heading to work (booo Saturday shifts).

The Shaw skatepark, right off of U Street, was better than I thought! Although the setup doesn’t flow very well, the concrete is way smoother than expected and almost slick at times, and the boxes there were definitely fun enough to spend the entire session on. Too bad it was too early for anyone like Darren Harper or Cole South to be skating…

One of the best feelings I had there was when my phone started vibrating; I realized that my alarm to wake up was going off, and I felt quite productive having already gotten into the meat of good session before the time I usually force myself out of bed. It makes me really want to try and get up early to fit in a skate session before work. After all, skateboarding is just one of those things where if you don’t do it consistently day in and day out, you will lose it (for me anyways).

Now I’m sitting in my office, admittedly slacking a bit and writing this blog, and even though I’m tired from the early morning and sore from skating, the skate rat in me is wanting to go out and skate again in this BEAUTIFUL weather…and maybe listening to my inner skate rat isn’t so bad.


Gratifying. That’s the word that kept coming to mind after my nice, long (and long-overdue) session at Arlington skatepark on Saturday.

It was the first time in a good while that it was dry enough to skate and I was able to enjoy skating without having to rush to work or anything. Man, nothing beats days of all-day skating where you get all grimy and sweaty (yes, even in 12 degree weather and flurries) and all you’re focused on is getting that next trick. Whether it’s progressing on to a new trick or an old trick that you’re trying to pop higher, push faster, and land cleaner, that feeling of rolling away on four wheels NEVER gets old and is just so…gratifying.

Super stoked with the session I had! The highlights were that I relearned switch FS bigspins and FS flips over the hip, got a nice half-cab flip and switch BS flip over the hip, and I landed a crook, BS noseslide bigspin, and FS noseslide 270 out on a sizable ledge! That FS noseslide 270 definitely needs a lot of work, but I’m finally getting a decent feel for how to slide them and pop off the nose!

Though my legs are still sore from the hours of skating, I CAN’T WAIT to have another session like that…damn this winter weather!