the season of skate is back!

With the weather warming after an unusually long and bitterly cold winter, I was eager to get out and find a dry spot to skate this past weekend. This loading dock was tucked away in a for-lease office building, which made it a perfect low-bust spot to work on some tricks that I eventually want to take down stairsets. This was also the first time skating a drop with these new Footprint skate insoles that are designed to absorb 90% of impact energy (you can drop a raw egg on one and it won’t crack), and I can definitely say that my feet are less sore and beat up with the new insoles.

Here’s a quick edit from the day. This is the biggest thing I’ve done a switch flip off of so far!


poker journal

I’ve recently starting reading Jared Tendler’s Mental Game of Poker, which focuses on a lot of common poker problems that don’t really have to do with cards or chips, but rather mental areas where you can have leaks such as motivation, confidence, and tilt. It’s more of a psychology read than a straight poker book, and in that sense it’s a lot more engaging because the principles taught are applicable to pretty much every activity that you do.


One of the more salient changes I’ve made from the advice in this book is that I’ve started writing in a journal. Most of my entries are poker-related and log my before- and after-session thoughts, my benchmarks, and what I need to work on. It’s really helpful for someone like me, who doesn’t get the opportunity to play very often, because it is a reminder of where my game is and where I need to focus my efforts in order to improve. Without that, there’s no tracking my progress and, although I feel I learn something from every session I play, I am not ingraining it into my brain and building upon that acquired knowledge.

IMG_2141                     IMG_2339


Gratifying. That’s the word that kept coming to mind after my nice, long (and long-overdue) session at Arlington skatepark on Saturday.

It was the first time in a good while that it was dry enough to skate and I was able to enjoy skating without having to rush to work or anything. Man, nothing beats days of all-day skating where you get all grimy and sweaty (yes, even in 12 degree weather and flurries) and all you’re focused on is getting that next trick. Whether it’s progressing on to a new trick or an old trick that you’re trying to pop higher, push faster, and land cleaner, that feeling of rolling away on four wheels NEVER gets old and is just so…gratifying.

Super stoked with the session I had! The highlights were that I relearned switch FS bigspins and FS flips over the hip, got a nice half-cab flip and switch BS flip over the hip, and I landed a crook, BS noseslide bigspin, and FS noseslide 270 out on a sizable ledge! That FS noseslide 270 definitely needs a lot of work, but I’m finally getting a decent feel for how to slide them and pop off the nose!

Though my legs are still sore from the hours of skating, I CAN’T WAIT to have another session like that…damn this winter weather!