the season of skate is back!

With the weather warming after an unusually long and bitterly cold winter, I was eager to get out and find a dry spot to skate this past weekend. This loading dock was tucked away in a for-lease office building, which made it a perfect low-bust spot to work on some tricks that I eventually want to take down stairsets. This was also the first time skating a drop with these new Footprint skate insoles that are designed to absorb 90% of impact energy (you can drop a raw egg on one and it won’t crack), and I can definitely say that my feet are less sore and beat up with the new insoles.

Here’s a quick edit from the day. This is the biggest thing I’ve done a switch flip off of so far!


changing of the seasons

No, I’m not referring to the transition from autumn to winter…I’m referring to the end of one horrendous, dismal NFL season for the Washington Redskins (4-12) and getting full-swing into the awesome season the Wizards (22-9) are having so far!

The Wizards matched their franchise-best start through the first 30 games (22-8) from the 1974-75 season (where they reached the Finals), and although this group doesn’t yet have the big game experience to make it that deep in the playoffs, it’s certainly a promising sign of the progress that John Wall has made and will continue to make. Strengthening the team chemistry so that we can win close games against tough (read: Western Conference) teams on their home courts will be key to establishing us as a real postseason contender. Along those lines, our second unit needs a lot of work offensively, as shown in last night’s futile display against the Mavericks, so that when the starters have an off-night, they can come in firing and not let the game get out of hand–this is more on the coaches than the players, I think.

Haven’t been this excited about Washington basketball in a long time!


How about these Baltimore Orioles?!

The win over TB tonight puts them in first place in the AL East just ahead of the Rays, who they were tied with going into tonight’s game, and apparently tonight’s game was the first time in almost 20 years that a game between two teams tied for the AL East lead didn’t involve either the Yankees or Red Sox. It’s about fucking time.

Of course, for the Orioles to improve their record, they have to beat their tough division rivals against whom they play a large chunk of their schedule, and their success so far this season, I think, can be boiled down to the fact that they are 11-5 in the AL East this year. Other interesting stats that I got from the AP report about tonight game are that the O’s are leading the majors in both total HR (53) and HR in the 7th inning or later (22), which is sick.

Hopefully Matusz will pitch well tomorrow, put us in position for a sweep, and build on our lead.

In other sports news, C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS! BEAT NEW YORK!